Laser Bacterial Reduction

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Laser Bacterial Reduction

At Dorchester Health Centre we continuously investigate new treatment modalities and technologies to enhance the standard of care we provide.  As such, we now have a new procedure available to you during professional dental hygiene visits to help fight gum inflammation (gingivitis), which if unchecked, can lead to periodontal disease (periodontitis).  Our hygienists have been certified to use lasers as part of the high standard of care that we offer.

Periodontal disease affects approximately 80% of adults and continues to be an epidemic in our society.  Periodontal disease is a chronic gum and bone infection caused by bacterial biofilm and inflammation.  Bacteria that are allowed to accumulate on teeth and gums, produce this biofilm that begins the inflammatory process.  Over the last few years improved techniques have been developed to better eliminate this irritant.

During your routine hygiene appointment, the use of soft tissue diode lasers can do much more to enhance your gum health than traditional scaling and root planning can do alone.  Before cleaning of the hard tooth surfaces, the laser is used to eliminate the bacteria under the collar of the gum.

Using the soft tissue diode laser before we scale the teeth does several important things:

  • Reduces bacteria from getting into your blood stream.  Most patients will have some bleeding during the cleaning process.  This allows the bacteria that are present in your mouth to flood into your blood stream.  Latest research shows that over growth of oral bacteria may be linked to a number of systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, low birth weight babies and more.
  • Prevents cross contamination.  Infected pockets in one area of your mouth can spread to other areas.  Decontamination minimizes the risk of this occurring.
  • Kills the bad bacteria that may cause periodontal disease.  Regularly eliminating the bacteria in the pockets allows the good bacteria to re-populate the area, thus improving your overall health.

Ultimately, by eliminating bacteria under the gums, inflammation and bleeding is reduced and periodontal disease is better managed.  This decontamination process is painless and normally takes about 5-10 minutes.

Laser Bacterial reduction is part of our standard of care and can be provided at each hygiene visit.  Most insurance companies do not cover newer dental techniques such as this, and almost always lag behind in their support of any progress in dental health care.

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