Practice Philosophy

Dorchester Health Centre

Dorchester Health Centre 

We believe:

That people have the ability and the right to decide what is best for them.

That health is attained by intention not by accident.

The mouth is an important part of overall health.  It is the front line of digestive function.

In looking for and treating cause, not treating or masking symptoms.

In open and honest discussions of treatment choices and consequences, as well as fees.

In only offering our clients professional services which we believe have no potential of doing harm to them, to the planet, or to the future generations who will inhabit it.

In thorough and complete infection control and sterilization procedures.

In continually upgrading our expertise.

In establishing trusting relationships because we can better serve people we know.

That we have a responsibility to look at oral health from a larger perspective and are compelled to continually re-examine every service we provide. 

Returning the Elegance of Nature's Design to the Mouth 

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