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Replacements for Dentures

Until recently, a denture was the only option for individuals who had lost their natural teeth. As well, those who needed extractions, whether it was a full complement of natural teeth or a partial number of them, were also faced with a full or partial denture.

Now, with current implant technology, our clients have an excellent option to dentures or partial dentures.

Dental implants provide the foundation for our denture replacement alternatives.  The use of dental implants can return the look and function that your current dentures and denture adhesives probably aren't providing.  Titanium dental implants have at least a forty-year history of success stories using dental implants. 

Now, with further developments with implants, people are able to find a solution to their problems, whether they currently have their own teeth or a denture.

Our clients often tell us of the many disadvantages of a regular denture which include: discomfort in eating, poor esthetics, loss of bone, affected speech, and sore gums from denture movement.  As denture wearers will tell you, a full denture placed in the upper jaw severely reduces taste and sensation.

Before dental implants, there were no fixed solutions available for people who have lost all their teeth or for those individuals who are currently facing a transition from teeth to dentures.

If you're in need of replacing a denture, or if you're simply tired of wearing your dentures, consider our denture replacement alternatives and leave your denture adhesives behind. 

Below are two separate options for you to explore for your health solutions:

"All-on-4"®, "Single-day procedure for fixed arch of teeth" for those who have only a few  teeth, or are already wearing a denture.

The Two Implant Retained Denture for those who need retention for their lower denture.

Returning the Elegance of Nature's Design to the Mouth

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