Myths in Dentistry

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Commonly Held Myths
about Dentistry

Facts that Challenge these Myths

As we age our gums recede. We get long in the tooth

Undue forces of a poor bite can cause bone loss 
If my gums are receding I must be brushing too hardBone and gums recede in response to bite forces (soft tooth brushes can't do this) 
I inherited bad teeth from my parents (or bad gums)

Balancing of forces in the mouth prevents degeneration

I grind my teeth because I am stressed out

Stress in people with balanced bites does not cause grinding

Worn teeth are a symptom of age
Worn teeth occur as a result of poor function or para-function (again a result of bite forces out of balance)
My bone loss is because I didn't take better care of my teethBone loss can be because of bacteria but in most cases results mainly from the undue forces of an imbalance in the bite
Orthodontics cured me of a poor bite when I was young
Orthodontics of the last 50 years was all about lining up smiles (not aligning chewing to true joint centered bites) The results of poor bites start to show up in midlife
My jaw being misaligned is just something I have to live with
After careful diagnosis it is often not difficult to align the bite so that it is self protective
The fact that my dentistry has worn out is normal
In a properly aligned and self protective bite dentistry will last much longer
My night guard protects my teeth and jaw joints

Most night guards cushion the teeth from each other but actually increase the muscle activity and can damage the joint

My dentist should decide what is best for my mouthWe believe that a co-created treatment plan provides the basis of a trusting and long term relationship. Please review the Health Discovery Visit 

                                                         Returning the Elegance of Nature's Design to the Mouth 

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