It's Not "Just A Check-up"

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It's Not Just a Check Up
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Here are some important things Dr. David and Dr. Cameron are checking during your periodic dental exam:

~ Medical history outlining any health conditions that may affect future dental treatment
~ X-rays: to assess bone, the inside of your teeth and overall root health
~ Gum condition: For signs of disease and infection
~ Early signs or oral cancer or other suspicious growth or cysts
~ The overall health and function of your temporomandibular joint
~ Condition of current restorations:  Fillings, root canals and crowns
~ Reassessing chewing function and your bite
~ The presence of damaged, missing or decayed teeth
~ Proper growth and development in children
~ General condition of the bones in the face, jaw and around the mouth

The doctors will explain what they are doing during the examination or provide a summary of their findings when they are finished.  And you, as an active participant in your oral health team, are encouraged to ask all your questions.

Returning the Elegance of Nature's Design to the Mouth

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