Mercury Fillings

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Mercury ("Silver") Fillings

I want you to remove my mercury fillings”.  This is a request that more and more people are making of their dentists. However, did you know that there is a significant risk of a large exposure to mercury vapours when fillings are removed without following the proper protection procedures?  Safe removal and replacement of mercury requires that the dentist take every precaution to ensure there is no further exposure to toxic materials.

There is a group of physicians, dentists, and research scientists who have developed the standards of care for safe and effective methods of removing toxic materials in the mouth, including mercury.  Their web address is

A Canadian group called Canadians for Mercury Relief has been active in the political and legal arenas with regard to these issues.  They can be reached at  The DAMS group is an international affiliation of lay people who are active in the mercury debate.  Their web address is

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