3 Principles of a Healthy Bite

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The 3 Principles of a Healthy Bite

The 3 principles of a healthy bite (bioesthetic principles) were discovered by Dr. Robert Lee after extensive, thorough, detailed research.  Through his work he was able to determine what factors contributed to a healthy mouth.  He discovered that the whole mouth, event the face, was affected by the way in which we chew.

The temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) and the way the teeth connect to each other directly influence the longevity and natural appearance of the face and mouth.  If the TMJ and the teeth are in harmony, this protects the joints, the teeth from wearing and breaking, and the bone and gums from receding.  Natural unworn teeth result in efficient chewing and maintains the youthful appearance of healthy teeth.   All these factors work together to provide a "self protected bite" resulting in a healthy TMJ, sharp efficient teeth, and strong healthy gum and bone levels.

There are three principles to the healthy structural stability of the bite as defined by Dr. Lee:

                 The Principle of Harmony:  Jaw joints and teeth meeting in a healthy way
                 The Principle of Guidance:  Protective guidance during chewing function
                 The Principle of Form:        Sharp anatomy of the teeth, efficiency of chewing

Returning the Elegance of Nature's Design to the Mouth

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